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greetings, my friends, and welcome to this lovely little corner of my site :D


this place is where i store links to all the weird or cool websites i find on my forays across the web
just a quick warning: in addition to just some regular interesting sites, there really is some crazy shit
here. radical christianity, xenophobia, racism... the list goes on :/
so be prepared for anything, mkay?



this site seems to have been made by a christian conspiracy theorist
††††††††† itís absolutely chock-full of weird opinions, articles, lists, and bizarre
††††††††† clipart. despite looking straight outta the early 2000ís, itís still being
††††††††† updated to this day Ė complete with coronavirus conspiracy theories!

†††††††† file:///C:/Users/lordl/Videos/banner.jpg

itís an old windows live-era website for a contest involving windows
††††††††† live spaces... really not much else to it. itís apparently a snapshot of
††††††††† the site as it was in 2007. not sure why itís still around, but i guess
††††††††† itís sorta interesting to look at.





bob dole's campaign website from 1996 is still up, for some reason,
††††††††† complete with download links to some windows 95 and macintosh
††††††††† screensavers! cool if youíre a conservative... not so cool if youíre
††††††††† a filthy homosexual leftist like me.





a website all about netscape navigator, including an archive of

every netscape browser installer. neat!





if the action of facepalming were a website... -_-

conservapedia claims to be a ďbias-freeĒ version of wikipedia,

but honestly itís one of the most biased ďwikisĒ iíve ever seen.

enter if you dare.




††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† BitView - Your Digital Video Repository

a near-perfect clone of youtube as it was in 2008. itís not just

a youtube frontend either Ė this is a standalone site, with its

own channels, videos, and groups. itís really quite something.

i urge you to check it out, and maybe make a few videos of

your own (they recently added the ability to upload videos in

360p resolution with 64kbps audio! :D)






another crazy fundie christian site. this one somehow looks

even more dated than the other one. it mostly contains the

same type of content as the other one, too... rants about

how terrible feminism and leftists are. it doesnít even use

HTTPS... yeesh





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†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† site to add to this list? shoot

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