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hello, everyone, and welcome to my homepage <3



my name is ness starstorm lutick, though i知 usually known around the web as failsandwich.

i知 a big fan of old technology and legacy software, such as Windows XP (which i知 using to create this web page!), old Apple Macintosh computers, PocketPCs, videotapes, and pretty much anything that痴 older than i am ;p


i知 genderfluidflux, and my pronouns are she/they. i知 also biromantic, aceflux, and polyamorous (currently with one adorable partner <3). gender is a scam made up by bathroom companies to sell more bathrooms! >:3


i am also an avid tulpamancer. i currently have 5 headmates, all of whom are fully formed and have their own interests, habits, likes, and dislikes. if you壇 like to learn more about tulpamancy, please visit or the tulpa community on reddit. both have plenty of resources and guides to teach you all you need to know about tulpamancy <3


my online accounts | downloads | things to do instead of hurting yourself (INCOMPLETE)


crazy shit i found online | life pro tips


Tulpamancy NOW!Headspace Whenever 3.0I keep hearing voices inside my head! They tell me to eat my veggies...